About us


The Tuning School Middle East’s concept revolves around the philosophy of delivering individual Automotive solutions in order to create some of the world’s finest rides through styling, customization and performance augmentation.

At TTS-ME, we are all about crafting perfectly tuned automobiles for the real enthusiasts who believe in aftermarket performance modifications for their cars along with teaching them the very basics and mechanics as to how they can pimp their rides. Our passionate drivers are also introduced to first-hand training courses, leading software and tuning products used by the experts in the automobile industry. Our courses teach the basics and beyond of Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems, including many other tuning experiences in this industry. We deal with every car tuning project and are updated with tuning trends for our car fanatics.


We proudly believe in creating extraordinary car modifications as well as automotive passionate tuners. Along with years of engine building and tuning experiences, our expert instructors have modified cars with terrific performances. Based on extensive research and understanding, our trainers at The Tuning School in Florida, USA have prepared several tuning manuals and courses geared exclusively for beginner tuners to make their experience at the school a significant and exciting one.

The Tuning School Middle East guarantees to totally transform your tuning experience for the better and promises to educate you with everything you require to tune your vehicles suitably the very first time!

Come join us for an audacious journey like never before!